American Journal of Energy Engineering

Volume 11, Issue 3, September 2023

  • New Technologies for Preventing and Controlling Dust Hazards in Non Coal Mines in China

    Zou Changfu

    Issue: Volume 11, Issue 3, September 2023
    Pages: 71-77
    Received: 14 June 2023
    Accepted: 27 July 2023
    Published: 31 July 2023
    Abstract: China has a large number of non-coal mines and a wide range of dust production points, making it difficult to supervise them. At the same time, the dust monitoring rate of non-coal mines in China's open-pit mining is low, and the continuous monitoring system of non-coal mines in underground mining is also lacking. In particular, the continuous moni... Show More
  • Research and Application of Integrated Sand and Water Control in Horizontal Well

    Du Weigang, Ji Peng, Li Ningbo, Yang Shuo, Xu Guoqiang

    Issue: Volume 11, Issue 3, September 2023
    Pages: 78-83
    Received: 4 May 2023
    Accepted: 2 August 2023
    Published: 4 August 2023
    Abstract: The problem of sand and water coming out of the oil formation has been a difficult problem in horizontal wellsm, especially in unconsolidated sandstone reservoirs. Analysis of the current technology and application effects, sand and water control integration is an effective method to solve this problem. The article analyzes the main difficulties of... Show More
  • Assessment of Energy Production by Using Microbial Fuel Cells Substrate of Domestic Wastewater Development of the Renewable Energy

    Tensay Kifle, Esayas Alemayehu, Chali Dereje Kitila

    Issue: Volume 11, Issue 3, September 2023
    Pages: 84-99
    Received: 29 August 2023
    Accepted: 19 September 2023
    Published: 9 October 2023
    Abstract: Biodegradable materials are used in microbial fuel cells to produce energy when microbes are present. Large amounts of organic material found in wastewater can be oxidized in MFCs to provide power. In the current situation energy crisis is a growing problem throughout the world, which necessitates the creation of alternative energy sources that gen... Show More