American Journal of Energy Engineering

Volume 5, Issue 1, January 2017

  • Effect of Operational Parameters on the Production of a Solar Distiller Coupled to a Hybrid Photovoltaic Thermal Collector

    Maifi Lyes, Kerbache Tahar, Hioual Ouided, Chari Abdelhamid

    Issue: Volume 5, Issue 1, January 2017
    Pages: 1-5
    Received: 2 September 2016
    Accepted: 1 December 2016
    Published: 21 February 2017
    Abstract: It is universally recognized that the lack of water on the one hand, and the depletion of fossil fuels on the other hand are one of the major challenges of our century, the face these critical issues, desalination of salt water and/or brackish water appears as one of the possible solutions to the survival of humanity. Among the techniques used in t... Show More