American Journal of Energy Engineering

Volume 5, Issue 2, March 2017

  • Temperature and Stirring Effect of Biogas Production from Two Different Systems

    Edmond Demollari, Etleva Jojic, Valdete Vorpsi, Erta Dodona, Enkeleida Sallaku

    Issue: Volume 5, Issue 2, March 2017
    Pages: 6-10
    Received: 3 April 2017
    Accepted: 20 April 2017
    Published: 25 May 2017
    Abstract: Biogas is a gas mixture, mainly consisting of methane and carbon dioxide, resulting from the biological process of anaerobic digestion of various organic materials [1]. The percentage of methane in biogas will vary depending on the process conditions and the type of organic matter fermented [2-3]. The purpose of this article is to show the differen... Show More